Pages and groups

Pages and groups can be used to organize information and questions into logical portions. You can also use these to hide or display entire parts of the form, based on answers given before by the visitor. 


You always need at least one page for questions, and one "Thank you" page at the end of the form. You can add more pages before the "Thank you" page to add more questions and or text.

You can make a page visible or invisible, based on a previously given answer in the 'Dependencies' tab.

The "Thank you"-page can not be deleted and can not contain any questions, only texts (and groups). When you edit the " Thank you" page you can set a redirect page.

Redirect after completing

Please note that any texts on the "Thank you" page are not displayed when you set a redirect - you can move them to an additional page placed before.


Groups can be used to organize questions and texts: