Roles can best be described as a group of rights that can be granted to one or more people. Depending on the applications you use you may need several roles. 

Roles or rights

Our advice is not to grant rights directly to people, but to use roles as intermediary. System administrators or developers should prepare these rolesThese roles must have all the required rights and a clear name and description. Regular users and supervisors can then distribute the roles through their users.


Granting a role to a user

To give a user all the rights needed for their tasks you can grant them the needed role(s). 

  1. Select the unit the user is in.
  2. Select the user. 
  3. Choose "Grants", "Grant role" from the button bar.
  4. The "Grant role" dialog is openend.
  5. Select the unit the role is in.
  6. Select the role.
  7. Enter the reason for granting this role in the comments.
  8. Click "OK".

The role is immediately granted to the user. The user may need to press "refresh" in their browser or log out and back in to the WebHare server.

Adding a role

Adding roles without rights

Adding new roles when you do not have the right to grants rights to this role directly is not recommended - you will then need a user with more rights to further setup this role.

  1. Select the unit to which you want to add the new role.
  2. Choose "Add", "New role..." from the button bar.
  3. Enter the name of the role and, if desired, a comment.

Changing a role

To change the role's properties you can double click on a role or select a role and choose "Properties". In the properties screen the information can be changed. 

Moving a role

A user can me moved by selecting the role and choosing "Move..." from the menu. A role can only be moved to another existing unit where you have the right to add roles - units you are allowed to see but to which you can't move roles have a red 'forbidden' icon.

Drag and drop

An easier way to move roles is by dragging and dropping them into the unit you want.

Deleting a role

A role can be deleted by selecting the user and clicking the "Delete" button. You will be asked for confirmation, after which the role definitively deleted.