Getting started

After logging in to WebHare the application can be found in the "System" group. 

Access to the application

The User Management application is only available when you have been granted the right to either grants roles yourself or to view one or more units.


The top of the screen shows buttons on the left and a menu on the far right. All available actions can be found in the menu, the most often-used actions have their own button:


The menu on the right contains all available actions. When a shortcut key is available this is displayed behind the action. A small arrow indicates a submenu. 

Users and roles

Below the button bar the rest of the application is displayed (in the preview below the Search Pane is enabled).

Unit tree

The unit tree is displayed on the left. This tree contains all the units you have rights for - this may be only one, but could also be several units at the same level or a unit containing other units.

Users and roles list

When a unit is selected in the unit tree, the users and roles in this unit are shown in this list on the right. 

Grants list

The bottom right list contains the so-called grants. Depending on wether a user or role is selected, the grants list displays the following:



System operator



Direct right

The user is logged in


When you click the "Search" button a search screen is displayed on the right. You can search for (part of) the user's full name, username, e-mail address or unit name. The search results are displayed in the list below. When you double click the search result (or use the "show" button) the user manager locates the user or role in the unit and selects it.