Start and layout

Start the publisher

After you login the Publisher application can be found in the Start menu:

Button bar

At the top of the screen the button bar gives access to most often used actions. A complete collection of available actions can be found in the menu on the right of the button bar. 

Greyed-out buttons indicate a (temporarily) unavailable action: you may for instance first need to select a file or folder.


The screen below the button bar is divider into three parts. On the left the folder tree, in the center the file list and on the right the preview pane.

Folder tree

The folder tree show all folders you have access to. Some of these are special folders: in the publisher, a website is also a folder, recognisable from the globe icon. Above the folder three there is a workbar - the << arrows allow you to hide the folder tree, and the button on the right offers access to the bread crumb navigation.

When the folder tree is hidden, the 'unhide' button and a 'Navigate up' (to a higher level folder) buttons appear.


Finally context menus are available when your right-click on files or folders.

File list

Above the file list a work bar is available for some settings. When the view mode is set to "Website order" the "move" buttons (to top, up, down, to bottom) can be used to set the order of the items in the website. Finally you can switch between single or double row layout for the file list.

You can also sort the file list by name or change date - in this view you can not change the web site order.

Preview pane

When a successfully published file is selected, a preview is shown in the preview pane on the right.

Https secured website

Since the WebHare Publisher CMS is a secure https environment the website inside must also be secured. An SSL certificate is always free for WebHare customers!

Above the preview pane you can find the page URL. When you click the QR code logo a QR code is displayed on your screen. You can scan this using your mobile phone. Speaking of mobile phones - the pulldown to the right allows you to choose different screen sizes to get an impression of your website on different devices. A custom screen size can also be set.

Publication Status

The available publication statuses: 


The file was published successfuly


The file is scheduled for publication. Depending on the server activity this may take a few minutes, but in general it is a matter of seconds.


The file was published, but there were errors


There was an error, the file is not published.

Not published

The file is not published.

No publication 

Publication is not possible, the file is not within a website with output.

Vóór dit pictogram kunnen extra pictogrammen weergegeven worden die van toepassing zijn op de hoofdstatus:


Changes are saved, but not published


Tasks are set for this file


This file is protected and can not be renamed, moved or deleted. Publication can not be changed. Protection is done to prevent problems when performing any of the actions above.

The green bar before one of the files in the folder indicates the index document.