File types

The mosten often used file types are described in this document.

Rich Text Document (RTD)

Most Publisher websites use rich text documents (RTD). Deze documents can be edited, saved and published directly from the Publisher in the Rich Text Editor. This editor is described in a separate manual.

RTD documents are specifically designed to work inside the online Publisher application. They can not be downloaded to your computer.

Image file

Webhare supports most common image files, such as JPG, PNG and GIF. These images can be used in several ways - for site design or as content. Images can also be placed inside a photo album or photo widget folder.

Internal and external link

You can add hyperlinks inside your RTD documents, but links can also be added as files. This is sometimes useful, for instance to use within your website navigation. Opening these files is not possible, but you can change the file by selecting it and choosing "Properties".

Internal links can be used to link to documents within your website. The link will stay intact even when the destination file is moved. External links can be used to point to destinations outside your website.