Finding files 

The easiest way to navigate to a file or folder in you website is by using the "Go to site or URL" function. 

  1. Choose "Go to...", " Go to site or URL" from the menu. 
  2. Type (or paste from your browser URL bar) the location you want to find.
  3. Click "OK".

The Publisher will navigate directly to the file or folder.

File or folder properties

To change the file properties:

Which properties you can change depend on the type of file. For an RTD document the most important properties are:

Opening a file

Depending on the type of file an editor can be started to open the file. For example: for RTD documents or WebHare forms an editor will be opened when double clicking the file. An archive file will start the extraction wizard, and custom file types can also open their own editor.

Moving a file

Files can be moved by drag-and-drop, or by using the "Edit", "Move to..." option from the menu.

Changing file order

You can change the order in which files appear on the website (and in the website navigation).


Even though most websites will update automatically after changing a file or folder, it may be useful to manually force a republication of your entire website to make sure everything is up to date.

To do so, select the website and choose "File", "Republish", "Selected files and folders (Including subfolders)". 


When you a complicated website structure or several websites and often work in the same websites or folders, you can add these to your personal "Favorites" menu. To do so, select the website or folder and choose "Show in favorites" from the Publisher menu. 

To mange your favorites, use the cogwheel that appears next to "Favorites" when you hover your mouse over it:

Scheduling tasks

You can schedule tasks for a file so it can automatically be moved or deleted, or the publication can be started or ended. To do so, select the file and choose "Properties". Tasks can be set on the "Tasks" tab. 

Scheduling publication

To schedule publication it is not necessary to publish the document manually - you can add a new, unpublished file, edit its content in the RTD editor and save (not publish) the document. When you then add a scheduled task to start publication the document will then be published automatically starting at the set date and time.

Restoring a file from Trash

You can restore a deleted file or folder from the trash folder. This folder can be found in the folder tree on the left as one of the bottom elements.

Use the filter to search for your file(s) or folder(s). Select them from the results and choose "Restore" from the context menu (right-click on the selected file(s) or folder(s) to open the context menu).

Personal preferences

You can set several personal preferences for the Publisher applications. These will only be applied to your own WebHare user account.

Choose "Preferences" from the Publisher menu.

Some of the available options: